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Karol Sakr

Started singing at the age of 16 , when she met with Hadi Sharara and later composed a band called ZED. The band was in the right place at the right time, giving hope to the Lebanese youth at the time where the war was ravishing the country and the only way out was ZED songs, concerts and simply their existence.

In 1988 Karol represented LEBANON in the song festival SOPOT 88 in POLAND and won the third prize among 27 participating countries. Karol and Hadi then signed with POLYDOR France and released a single CD JEALOUS in Europe.

In 1990, and due to war, ZED split-up, and its members were dispatched all around the world. Karol flew to Australia and resided there for 5 years, where she participated in a TV program called Star Search and and won the first prize.

In 1992 Karol flew to USA (Florida) and participated in the American Star Search where she won 2nd place. And in 1994 she came back to Lebanon, where she met again with Hadi and started making TV advertisement together for LBC and ZEIN TV, and MBC FM. Hadi composed them and Karol delivered the vocals. Together they made over 500 TV and radio spots.

In 1996 Karol and Hadi signed with BMG records and flew to the UK to record their second album AWAY, for which they were awarded the GOLDEN album for sales.

In 2002 Karol and Hadi got married, and in 2004 the major hit OULI JAYI was released. It was a duet between Assi Hellani and Karol, who was now back on the Arabic music scene. She then released DAIT ALBAK, a CD composed of 8 songs.